Cody was brought to the attention of Billerica Animal Control for  being on the brink of death from starvation. On the scale of 1-10 for  body shape used by vets, he was a 1. He needed emergency surgery  because some of his small intestines had been sucked into his large intestine. 

We were able to help fund his surgery and Cody recovered in a loving Pittielove foster home.  Cody was adopted by a friend of the foster dad so the foster dad still gets to see Cody on a regular basis.  

Cody after surgery, happy with his toy!


Shelter dogs love Kuranda beds

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Over a decade of dedication to town pounds

ACOs:  If you have a dog in need, contact PoundHounds NOW for help with funding! We have funding available for spay/neuter surgeries and other medical care. We are especially interested in helping ACOs who have little or no funds for this kind of care and/or have limited fundraising capabilities but who do adopt out dogs themselves

Donors: PoundHounds has helped 36 towns and more than 1370 dogs!  537 of them with medical expenses an area few groups support. These dogs are in town pounds, and we provide badly needed funds to Animal Control Officers for everything from emergency surgery to training to Kuranda beds to basic medical care. Because of the economy, fundraising has been declining over the last three years, while the requests for help keep pouring in. We need your help more than ever.

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Mass. Has An Animal Friendly License Plate

Charity plates can say a lot about a person -- let yours tell the world that you are proud of Massachusetts' efforts to fund spaying and neutering for dogs in local pounds and shelters. The revenue from this license plate goes into a grant fund for organizations like PoundHounds. Please read more.